Our Story

RhodaDoxa is an Afro-centric brand, which started in Guyana in the year 2016 by our founder Dr. Deborah O. Kehinde, who was excited to share her rich culture with the Caribbean people.
She started the brand with selling African print and offering custom design.
In 2018, Deborah decided to start Rhoda Doxa Beauty, when she noticed there weren't quality affordable brand catering for Melanin Queens in the Caribbean. She was more than willing to make it happen and she did make it happen by infusing her love for African Print on the beauty products.
In 2020, RhodaDoxa decided to expand and start its own African Skincare Brand. It's important to take care of the skin first before applying makeup.
At RhodaDoxa, we want the natural and makeup look of all our African Queens to be glowing. Our Skincare products can be used from head to toe.